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The University-Business LAB – LINK started its activity in the Academic year 2015-2016. 
A network of experts focused on training, transfer of business expertise assets 
and sharing their management skills.


  • 1)     Training the next generation of young people entering the job market
  • 2)     Drawing on managers experience
  • 3)     Providing an opportunity for managers to keep an open communication with university
  • 4)     Getting input and tips from managers to develop groundbreaking courses linked to the job market
  • 5)  Creating opportunities for discussion among students, companies and public institutions on specific issues
  • 6)     Promoting the training intercultural awareness
  • 7)     Promoting Soft Skills and the Human Capital management
  • 8)     Supporting young people interesting in building an international career


Throughout the years 500 students and 160 companies and managers joined the Lab-Link project.

The managers involved in the Lab-Link project training shared their competence and skills on different topics taking part in educational courses, research and publications. Among the subjects:

  • ·        Human Resources
  • ·        Soft Skills
  • ·        Leadership
  • ·        Cross Cultural Management
  • ·        Diversity Management
  • ·        Team Work
  • ·        Communication
  • ·        Organizational wellbeing
  • ·        Balance between work and  private life
  • ·        Women leadership
  • ·        Competition at work
  • ·        Selection process
  • ·        Youth Mobility and Migration Projects

Throughout the years it will highlight the growing involvement of young people in the project as well as the enthusiastic response from the managers. 
The managers involved in the project:
  • ·        CEO
  • ·        Human Resources managers
  • ·        Plant managers
  • ·        Communications managers
  • ·        Head of Unit
  • ·        Consultants
  • ·        Technical Department managers
  • ·        Safety managers
  • ·        Sales Directors
  • ·        Head of Production
  • ·        Factory managers
  • ·        ICT Head
  • ·        Parliament Officials
  • ·        Academics and Teachers

The managers who have played an active role in the Lab-Link work in different fields:

  • ·        From mechanical to electronic area
  • ·        From  steel industry to chemicals
  • ·        From pharmaceutical industry to paper making industry
  • ·        From transport to power industry
  • ·        From nautical to aeronautical industry
  • ·        From large retailers to construction industry
  • ·        From consultants to banking field
  • ·        From insurance field to food industry
  • ·        From publishing and communication world to health field
  • ·        From manufacturing field to the world of sport

One of the Lab key projects is the “Video-Link” concept, a training tips proposal through social media, designed for young people entering the job market



  •   The Lab-Link promotes a training tips project, through social media, thanks to a network of managers operating in different business fields.
  • ·        Video-Link arises with the goal of further enhancing the successful network’s managers who have collaborated on the project right from the beginning.
  • ·        Video-Link aims to be a network bond and a link of free knowledge thereby making available training material.
  • ·        Video-Link training drives young people and managers to be curious about business and is proposing a practical and theoretical short video.
  • ·        Video-Link takes shape through 3 minutes of informative tips.


Video-Link tips are on three different channels: Business, English Version and Training.

  • ·      In the “Business” channel the video is about business topics analyzed from different angles and everyone can explore the subjects of interest: soft-skills, international dynamics, Leadership, Cross-cultural Management.
  • ·      In the “English Version” channel it is proposed that the contents are tailored to a global audience.
  • ·      In the “Training” channel, the available video explores all-around educational topics as well as technology and science.


For collaborating, write to corsorisorseumane@gestionale.unipi.it